XML-Java Data Binding Using XMLBeans
Subject:   Why ?
Date:   2004-08-04 16:04:18
From:   Hetal
Response to: Why ?

Some of the significant features of XMLBeans are:

  1. XMLBeans is based on an efficient XML token stream, and it keeps underlying XML infoset intact. Since XMLBeans keeps the data in memory as XML, overhead of unmarshalling and marshalling is reduced.

  2. To address varying data access and data transformation requirements, XMLBeans provides a flexibility of navigating through xml data using xPath or xQuery, and manipulating xml data using either xml cursor or XMLBeans generated classes.

  3. In JAXB 1.0 , group binding style does not follow node correspondence. so developer has to be aware of group binding node that does not correspond to any node in xml instance data.

XMLBeans offers performance benefits (mentioned in article), flexibility in navigating through xml data, and provision for executing xpath queries against xml instance data.

-Hetal Shah.