Implementing BIND on Mac OS X
Subject:   needs revamp for 10.3
Date:   2004-08-06 03:40:52
From:   vcoadmin
Response to: Perfect Article

Yes even though it's a year later your guess is right as i've had to get around this erata myself
i asked this lot to update this and so have others but it falls on deaf ears.

sudo chmod 0755 /system/library/startupitems/bind/bind

Is how it should've read your spoton as the articles instructions send you of to oblivion.

Personally i would like to see this article revisited and redone for Panther users etc
as this docs good but Vague and partially misleading.

Another thing for those unaware Jaguar/Panther
have onboard Mailserver capabillities which
just need to be enabled (saves getting OSX server :P)

Postfix enabler is a handy program also worth a lookin.

Mac OSX has allsorts to offer yet getting it to work is another question alltogether.

I had Bind9.2.3 automaticly starting with
Panther many moons ago but stuffed if i can get it to do it now this using the articles above methods explained.

Now so far each time i've had to manually start
the dns through stellardns not handy.

I've now come back here to backtrack and nitpick this method as it's in need of work.

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