Learning the Terminal in Jaguar, Part 2
Subject:   Problems with sending self mail
Date:   2004-08-08 18:26:52
From:   DrewE
Response to: Problems with sending self mail

Hello!! I have resolved this problem! Since my last post, I had gained another error which dealt obviously with permissions that I then fixed.

Let me guess, the short name for the computer you're using has an uppercase letter? If that is the case, then it needs to be made lowercase. I started a discussion in pertaining to this problem, so you can check it out.

Problems with postfix and Letter Case in User Name

It's not actually called that, but whatever.

There is a manual at that can help you change the short name of your user. Since I was only changing the case of my short user name, no new home directory was created because I guess OS X wasn't going to allow for both "Drew" and "drew" to exist as directories. Logged in as root, I just fixed the case of the name of the existing home directory to cover for this problem and then moved it to its parent directory using Terminal once the new user had been made to avoid deletion in the next step. I then deleted the old user as mentioned and instead of copying files afterwards, I just returned the modified home directory. The rest of the steps were basically the same. (This will make more sense once you've read the manual)

I hope this works for you.. though this is quite an annoyance.. I just wish that Apple warned users to make their short user names lowercase when setting up the computer initially. Maybe I was warned and didn't pay attention.. Oh well. Good luck. (By the way, I'm no expert, so I can't actually guarantee that it works, but it did for me, and I have all of my preferences and settings back to normal. Also, chances are that there's an easier way, but this was all I could think of to do.)

Again, Good Luck!!

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  1. Problems with sending self mail
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