Installing and Configuring Squid
Subject:   Minimum-effort emergency bypass options?
Date:   2001-08-23 15:41:37
From:   sharumpe
Thank you for the great article! I am evaluating Squid for possible use in a campus environment, and one of the big concerns I have with any proxy is failure management.

Is there a way to configure squid to simply pass ALL requests directly through without doing anything? Here's a scenario to illustrate my question:

Say that a large group of users has been convinced to use the proxy for their Web browsing. Configuration of their browsers has been done and people are happy. Then one day something goes wrong (anything, really) and no one can get any Web sites. Obviously telling people to disable the proxy isn't the best solution, because they will never switch back once the problem is fixed.

What I would like to do is be able to put another configuration into place (a separate installation) which would answer on the same port but would just get fresh copies every time.

I apologize for the newbie nature of this question, but I don't know the proper terms to use to make my question any clearer.

Thank you,

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