Hello JXTA!
Subject:   Problems
Date:   2001-08-26 10:28:27
From:   mnsandhya
I have been trying to make the HelloJXTA application work with JXTA version 1.0. I have not been successful so far.
I have compliled the HelloService, HelloServiceImpl and HelloApp files and put those files under the Shell directory itself.
After that, as written in the documentation, I have launched the Shell which created the PlatformPeerGroup and jxtaConfig files in the same directory. But as written in the document 'isRendezvous' line is not there either in PlatformPeerGroup or jxtaConfig files. I entered the line 'isRendezvous=true' in jxtaConfig and <isRendezvous>true</isRendezvous> in PlatformPeerGroup file. (Somewhere in the document it says that a directory named PlatformPeerGroup will be formed. It does not happen in my case!) Other modifications were also made as written in the document.

After these changes, the platform is not getting restarted. i.e. on running the shell application nothing happens eventhough I can see 'javaW' task in the task bar. I do not have a clear picture as to how the HelloService and HelloApp will be invoked. Further how does one know whether the attempt is really successful?
Can you please reply to me as fast as possible as to how you executed this. I would be obliged if you can copy your mail to both and

Thanks & regards
Sandhya Ashok