An Introduction to Aspect-Oriented Programming with the Spring Framework, Part 1
Subject:   The diagrams are wrong?
Date:   2004-08-19 04:44:10
From:   patrickchaumette
Hello Russ,

I was just reading your article and stuck on the diagrams.

On the left it shows an instance of MyClass which calls the application context to get a handle on a certain bean.
Then it is shown that before() is called from the instance of MyClass, and then foo()!

Now did I misunderstand something here? Somehow I miss the proxy object which is returned from the application context, which has a foo() method.
In my understanding, the instance of MyClass calls only this foo() method on that proxy object, which then, in the implementation of the proxy causes the before() getting called on the before advice instance, the foo() getting called on the business logic and then the after() getting called on the after advice instance.

Can you tell me if I am completely wrong here? Doesn't Spring do runtime AOP with Proxies?

Thank you for your time,



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