Creating Varargs in Java 1.5 Tiger
Subject:   Are varargs an improvement?
Date:   2004-08-19 06:36:52
From:   bmclaugh
Response to: Are varargs an improvement?


Thanks for your comments. I think it's true that varargs have been pretty heralded in Tiger. That said, I've always maintained (or tried to maintain) that they are more about convenience than functionality.

I think what you'll find is that many Java programmers, especially ones for which Java is their first language, really aren't as comfortable as you might think with arrays. It's simply easier to works with Java collections. For these reasons, the idea of converting arguments to an array is a bit of a pain.

And, I do think there are valid uses of varargs, like the classic max(int...) type of method. It really is a pain to throw ten or fifteen variables into an array just to call a method like this (max int[]), at least in my opinion.

All that said, you're very much right that varargs can introduce a lot of hinky bugs. Like almost any new feature, it will probably be overused until some well-defined usage patterns develop. But, that's to be expected with new APIs :-)

Thanks for your comments!

-Brett McLaughlin

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