Creating DVD/VCD Photo Slide Shows for Your Mac
Subject:   DVD Picture Show for Mac
Date:   2004-08-20 06:29:07
From:   davidtrpt
I downloaded the trial version of DVD Picture Show for Mac, fully expecting that I would like it and that I would end up by buying the complete version. However, when I got to the BURN step, I received a message that the software did not recognize my new LaCie d2 DL DVD+/-RW (Model 300756) External Drive. Since I cannot fully use the trial software, I am reluctant to buy the complete version. In addition, the Ulead website indicates that they do not support technical questions about the trial versions. How can I tell if the complete version is compatible with my new drive? Or, better yet, how can I fully use the trial version to verify whether or not I really want to purchase it?

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