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Subject:   Leap of faith?
Date:   2001-09-01 15:22:00
From:   mikebeam
Response to: Leap of faith?


That string being created statically using @"..." rather than the convenience constructor was probably just a slip-up when i was writing that part. In any event, either one works, they just work in different ways. Practically speaking, you're probably not increasing your performance/efficiency/whatever mush by using the convenience constructor, since its just one string. Its when you repeatedly create/destroy objects that you _really_ need to watch out for mem management issues. I did it that way just to point out another situation of how you can work memory management. Well, i'm off to see UT play New Mexico. I'm glad you're enjoying the columns!!


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  1. Leap of faith?
    2001-09-01 19:07:43  TheBum [View]

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