Unix Printing Basics
Subject:   FreeBSD needs more doc on using CUPS, etc
Date:   2004-08-21 16:49:01
From:   Stevie
I had a hell of a time getting CUPS config'ed to support remote printing AND lpd.

I'm not sure that what I did is correct, but it seems to work so far.

I had to disable printcap generation in cupsd.conf because my HP560C requires a filter to convert LF to CR/LF. I'm not really sure if my entry in /etc/inetd.conf is correct.

I also installed gimp-print (because said it's the best driver for my printer) and the CUPS web admin states my printer is using CUPS + gimp-print.

I'm trying to set the default margins because when I print the test page, I don't get a line on the bottom of the page. I tried using and alignmargins (a perl script). I had to make a few changes to get alignmargins to run on FreeBSD because a couple things were in different locations than on Linux. And since my printer isn't postscript, I sent it to a file and used kghostview to view/print it.

I can't seem to use correctly. I used alignmargins and it added the values I read off, but I reprint and it doesn't adhere to the margin settings.