Security in Struts: User Delegation Made Possible
Subject:   Using tiles to create role driven tabbed-layout?
Date:   2004-08-21 21:55:00
From:   ebegoli

In the closeout statement of your otherwise excellent article you mention that:

For example, using the Tiles framework, it is also possible to create a special, tabbed-layout JSP that will hide the tabs that the user is not granted access to; you could create a tag library that provides you the tags for the use in the layout JSP. Just choose the approach which fits your architecture best.

Can you by any chance help me locate the example
that does something like that. I would like to know how to use tiles to dynamically hide/show links to actions accesible by the role (also dynamically created and with delegated rights as your article suggests).

Any help or hint is greatly appreciated.


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  1. Using tiles to create role driven tabbed-layout?
    2004-08-22 14:47:28  wernerramaekers [View]

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