Font Management in Mac OS X
Subject:   Tricks
Date:   2001-09-06 14:34:47
From:   dapopster
I have my fonts divided between the OSX /Library/Fonts folder and the OS9 System Folder Fonts folder so they are all available in OSX. Then I use ATM deluxe to make the fonts in /Library/Fonts available to OS9. No duplication other than I need Truetype versions of the dfont fonts.

As a heavy user of Adobe apps in a dtp environment, I felt trapped between Apples admonition not to mess with the fonts in the /System/Library/Fonts folder and Adobes tendency to keep its own special caches of a few fonts in folders ominously titled Reqrd:Base:Fonts. Having both truetype and PostScript versions of the same fonts in the system causes no end of trouble. I finally came down in favour of Adobe and replaced the dfont versions of Times, Helvetica and Zapf Dingbats in the /System/Library/Fonts with the PostScript versions of these fonts. There appears to have been no ill effects that I could trace back to this bold and daring move.