Panther Internet Sharing
Subject:   Firewall issues
Date:   2004-08-28 10:30:03
From:   merloin
Response to: Firewall issues

Thank you all for the clues that helped me FIX my problem. I am connected to my DSL modem via ethernet on my iBOOK that sits on my desk. It has a regular airport card in it. I selected to 'share the internet' from it so that I could receive wireless on my POWERBOOK in the rest of my house via it's Airport Extreme Card. Following Apple's instructions was easy and I was connected with 4 bars strength but I could NOT surf on the internet. I TURNED OFF THE FIREWALL option in system preferences on the broadcasting iBOOK and then everything worked properly.

BTW - While I was on the phone I googled this problem myself, dug through a little bit of info, tried it, fixed it in less than half the time it took my apple "product specialist" to do it ... good thing I purchased that Apple Scam Protection Program...I mean 'Care' - whatever!

DJ B-Rad