Inventing the Future
Subject:   Inventing the Future Tim O'Reilly,
Date:   2004-08-29 13:47:45
From:   Trackback from anonymous2
Inventing the Future Tim O'Reilly, founder of the O'Reilly tech books publishing house, has written a column on the "emergent Internet operating system." He's been watching the "alpha geeks" to see what emerging technologies are likely to make it big in the coming years. His list is as follows:WirelessNext generation search engines that take into account not just link counts, like Google does, but who is linking to whomWeblogs Instant messagingFile sharingGrid computing, such as the SETI@home project that used idle computing cycles on computers across the InternetWeb spidering I thought it was interesting to see how many of these things already have a toehold in the digital library: UCSD is into wireless in a big way; instant messaging is at the heart of online reference; and digital library applications like Sage use web spidering to extend their reach beyond locally-created material (O'Reilly's section on how hackers use spiders to create '"unauthorized interfaces" is one of the most interesting parts of his column)....