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  Internet Explorer Toolbar Wars
Subject:   Firefox toolbar
Date:   2004-09-01 09:23:36
From:   firefoxtb
The article does a great job talking about IE, but what about Firefox?

We just launched a Firefox toolbar. Actually, we just launched five of them, one for Bloglines, Blogger, TypePad, LiveJournal, and Technorati

You can add/delete any search engine you like (it comes preloaded with all of the Google
engines, GMail, Yahoo, MSN, Yahoo Finance, Ebay, Amazon, Technorati, Bloglines, and dictionary.com

The blogging components allow you to “BlogThis” (blogger, typepad, and livejournal–LJ is really a quick post book mark) or “easysubscribe"(for bloglines)
There are also direct links to the key areas of your blog or bloglines.