Creating Photorealistic Icons for Mac OS X
Subject:   Thumbnail trapped in a square
Date:   2001-09-10 19:26:53
From:   brianleahy
For some reason, Icon Composer won't import my actual Photoshop file at all. It allows me to select the file, but never actually imports it.

I tried saving the file as a TIFF, but when I import the TIFF document into icon composer, the sections which were transparent in Photoshop have become white. The image floats inside a white box, not at all what I wanted.

I am using Photoshop LE 5.5 I REALLY hope that isn't the entire cause of the problem. :-( Any suggestions??

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  1. Icon composer bug??
    2001-09-11 04:34:53  brianleahy [View]

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