Mac OS X for the Traveler, Part 1
Subject:   Hotel Ethernet
Date:   2004-09-04 19:50:31
From:   Boutsik
Here's something I'd wish you'd tackle:

I have been frustrated over and over again by the In Room Ethernet connections in Hotel rooms....I plug it in and consistently, in one hotel after another, am told that My computer doesn't have an ethernet address and cannot connect...when I call downstairs to the sleepy front desk, they never have any advice and then they snicker when I tell them I'm on a MAC system...

The answer I always get is "Hmm, you should just be able to open your computer and be on the internet.." I can fine when I find a wi-fi, but not ehternet...

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  1. FJ de Kermadec photo Hotel Ethernet
    2004-09-05 13:21:13  FJ de Kermadec | O'Reilly Blogger [View]

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