Scribus: Open Source Desktop Publishing
Subject:   A false picture
Date:   2004-09-05 03:54:32
From:   scribusdocs
Response to: A false picture

Well, now we have confirmation of two other weekly papers, besides the one in the article which are using Scribus and no, not black and white, but full CMYK color.

Scribus has its own RGB > CMYK conversion routines, including ICC support via littlecms, so whether GIMP has CMYK support is irrelevant. Scribus handles that part..quite well I might add.

Mind you this interview was conducted over different times starting a year ago.

So, to be able to take this article seriously I would have liked to see comparisons to Quark XPress 6 and InDesign CS, not PageMaker. But I guess this article was written by a tech-journalist for programmers, and not DTP-people.

You are invited to look at:

This will give you an idea of Scribus's pre-press capabilities.

What I did say about Pagemaker and Quark are still relevant. There are many many shops still on MacOS 9 and Quark 4.

Moreover, we could care less about Quark or Adobe sales, Scribus is all about providing similar capabilities for Linux users. The point of newspapers using this for production merely highlights Scribus's maturity and capabilities.