Weblog:   Why Yahoo and Google Still Don't Get It
Subject:   Almost, but not quite.
Date:   2004-09-08 06:11:59
From:   micampe
Response to: Almost, but not quite.

Uh? That never occurred to me and I use Flickr almost exclusively on Fedora Core 2 with Epiphany 1.2.7 and Macromedia Flash 7.0.25.

As an aside, I think also Zoto and PictureM deserve a mention both as photo service and as great web applications. They manage to do amazing things without help from Macromedia, everything is HTML and Javascript there. Zoto for example has drag and drop support with transparent thumbnails of the picutres and a superimposed badge with the number of pictures you're dragging. PictureM has nice slideshow features. Check them out, seriously cool stuff.