Using MySQL from PHP
Subject:   Abstraction Layer
Date:   2004-09-08 06:27:48
From:   Steve_K
I recommend to use an abstraction Library for database access.
The built in mysql commands in php are quite nice, but if you ever need to change your database to Oracle f.e., you have a lot of work to do :)
You may say that this is not neccessary, so did i.
But spending dozend of hours editing my source made me think over it.
In my case, i use ADOdb, which is really easy to use and its OpenSource too.
ADOdb at sourceforge
Give it a try. Once you are familiar with the basic commands its easy to use and it has some quite powerful function, too.
If you ever need to switch the type of your database, you just edit one word and that's it :)
Maybe this is helpful to some of ya.
best regards
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