Weblog:   Why Yahoo and Google Still Don't Get It
Subject:   That Dang Macintosh
Date:   2004-09-08 08:52:17
From:   Trackback from anonymous2
It's hard to know, as a Mac user, what to think about the software world these days. Many innovations are, understandably, only built for Windows. But wasn't the web supposed to change all that, make OSes secondary, less relevant? Problem is, if you have to download client software, folks don't like writing for the Mac's tiny installed base. But the folks who do use the Mac have always been early adopters and influencers, at least, that what Nat Torkington points out. I noticed in his post that I was the only person among a very long list of very smart geeks (caveat: I consider myself unqualified for those modifying adjectives, as well as the noun) who he reads who blogged either FareChase or Picasa. Why?...