Weblog:   Why Yahoo and Google Still Don't Get It
Subject:   The harsh reality of irrelevance
Date:   2004-09-08 09:00:28
From:   pixelgeek
... because I can't use them--they both require Windows.

Welcome to the world of irrelevance.

Mass market applications can safely ignore OS X and Linux users. And they can pretty much safely ignore "alpga geeks" as well.

It is very sad but with 95% of the market businesses can plan their efforts around an all Windows world without fear of losing any appreciable revenue.

I recently added stats to my blogs and despite knowing a significant number of mac and Linux users the Mac users make up 5% of my hits and the Linux users are less than the rounding error limit that the stats package uses.

Sad but true.

Be happy that places like Flickr are trying to be open.