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Subject:   Sorting?
Date:   2001-09-15 06:08:57
From:   n9yty
Response to: Sorting?

Oh, forgot something...

I figured that once I had the identifier tag for the clicked-column, I could simply call the records sortUsingFunction, with a function that uses caseInsensitiveCompare on the values in the given column, which will be plucked out by the identifier name, passed into the function via the context: parameter.

[records sortUsingFunction:stringSort context:identifier]

and stringSort is basically something like:

NSString *v1 = [val1 objectForKey:context];
NSString *v2 = [val2 objectForKey:context];

return [v1 caseInsensitiveCompare:v2];

Is this really off track?

Thanks again!

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