Are You Talking to Me? Speech on Mac OS X
Subject:   Speech recognition issues in OS X 10.3.5
Date:   2004-09-11 15:36:04
From:   AndyGoundry
I really enjoyed this article and really decided to have a play with speech again, which i'd left alone for quite a long time as i found it relatively useless.

Today, i have to say i like the speech options and have setup a keyboard shortcut to speak selected text. Nice.

However, i am having huge trouble using speech recognition. For some reason, when i turn this on and leave it in 'listen continuously' mode, it decides by itself to switch off completely without asking. it has so far done this every time now for 5 attempts. It normallly switches off within 5 minutes. I also set the control to not accept commaands until i pressed the hot key, but then it decided to automatically switch to 'continuous' mode again and the problems reoccurred.

Very strange. This does, as you'd imagine, render the facility useless.

Oh well.

thoughts and experiences welcome.