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Subject:   Anyone make this work?
Date:   2004-09-11 19:32:54
From:   steve_bryan
Can anyone get these instructions to work? Like many otherwise helpful articles I suppose I'm missing something simple or the author left out something that was supposed to be obvious. Whatever the case is I'm missing something and I never get a positive response for my Cocoa app when I try to select from the Help menu. When I goggled the topic on comp.sys.mac.programers.* there seem to be a lot of people facing a similar situation. It seems as though there is some piece of the puzzle which isn't quite being revealed.

What has me puzzled is why they think something is finished when it is as fragile as this. If you want developers to make help available then make it easy, not a black art to provide. Maybe make a utility application that causes all the right things to happen whether you know all the secret handshakes. Damn this gets frustrating.

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  1. Anyone make this work?
    2004-09-11 21:55:54  steve_bryan [View]

    • Anyone make this work?
      2005-12-22 08:00:57  smythm [View]

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