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Subject:   Anyone make this work?
Date:   2004-09-11 21:55:54
From:   steve_bryan
Response to: Anyone make this work?

Here is the step that was missing in my earlier attempt. The text that appears in the Help menu item in your MainMenu.nib file is crucial. It has to exactly match the text you have entered elsewhere or the whole thing simply, quietly fails. So, for instance, if you have multiple targets that are slight variants and they have different names to avoid collisions, those variations will prevent the instructions given above from working. It is for reasons like this that the "for dummies" series have been so successful. You assume almost nothing and explain in complete detail so that trivial errors are avoided. Oh, well. It only slowed me down a few hours.

For others encountering this topic I would recommend the instructions about Help given in the documentation folder of the Developer folder. In particular the Tutorial points out the pitfall that got me.

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  1. Anyone make this work?
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