Improving Linux Driver Installation
Subject:   So why would it not be possible ...
Date:   2004-09-13 08:48:55
From:   George_Mitchell
to create a module that, in effect, would be an interface. It would be entirely open source and versions could be created that would mimic the API/ABI's of all major Red Hat kernel releases. The source would be open and freely available and include its own /lib/modules entry. And a companion package would carry its own customised insmod/rmmod/mobprobe, etc tools. Thus one could install any number of these interface modules on whatever kernel they are running, and then install whatever proprietary module on the appropriate Red Hat module. It would be like a system of dynamic wrappers that would provide a measure of forward/backward compatibility. And since it would be fully opensource, there would be no danger that the old binary module would someday cease to work. The API/ABIs of these binary modules are open, they have to be in order to work with the opensource kernel for which they are designed. Thus it should be possible to create support for them across a wide range of kernels, and even for other unixes, MacOS for example. So why aren't developers looking into this type of solution? Modern hardware certainly should support the extra overhead with no problem.