Improving Linux Driver Installation
Subject:   DoD: use the source, Luke!
Date:   2004-09-13 10:02:01
From:   MadScientist
Response to: DoD: use the source, Luke!

> Why the people wants to make the Linux so similar to (R)Windows ?

I've been using UNIX since 1984 and Linux since 1993 and I have heard this "argument" made by some people since day 1. In that time of course, Linux has gotten much simpler and more straightforward to use for those who haven't spent any time learning to love UNIX. I can't understand why adding a user-friendly interface over Linux, or any UNIX, is so frightening for people. It doesn't mean that anything will change "underneath". No one is talking about removing the shell or making it less powerful. No one is going to take away your ability to compile your own kernel, go traipsing through Google and various murky sites from the far reaches of the world looking for a driver for your favourite obscure bit of hardware, etc. What is so intimidating about allowing people who don't have the time or understanding to still be able to use Linux if they want to? Why does the barrier to entry have to be so high that only the most intrepid will attempt it? What is gained by blocking out everyone else? I just can't understand this attitude.

And finally, why does any mention of a graphical interface immediately invite comparison to Windows? Why can't we assume that the Linux interface will be significantly better? Just because it's graphical, it must be avoided, is that it? Sorry, I don't buy it.

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