GNOME's Miguel de Icaza on .NET
Subject:   Missing the point
Date:   2001-09-17 17:52:59
From:   bmukund
Man! This is a lot of flaming for a nice opinion.

Yes agreed, running down Java - the king of the pack is ridiculous, but a lot of valid points were made. Microsoft DOES win because of better integration and a more complete whole product. Java, while technologically similar and years ahead does not have a champion in Sun to make the whole product.

The one advantage of .Net apart from a better IDE - cross language support could easily be implemented using Java Bytecodes. I think the point made in the article was that nobody did it. When I first programmed Java in 1996 I assumed it would only be a matter of time before somebody came up with a C++-> bytecode compiler, even a restricted version. But until today we still dont have one. The closest you can get as proof of concept is Javascript->bytecode in Rhino. And the JVM is an invisible component architecture similar to the COM bus - how else can you do reflection, dynamic invocation et al.

I only hope we take the constructive criticism and work towards filling in these holes in the technologically superior but badly integrated Java-J2EE-Open Source world. I REALLY DID START USING LINUX ONLY AFTER I HAD A FORTE DISTRO. Maybe I am not savvy enough or is it just that I dont have enough time to learn the emacs key codes?