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Subject:   Paper Capture encoding
Date:   2004-09-15 12:58:56
From:   jstarr
Response to: Paper Capture encoding

I have not tried the OCR capabilites within Acrobat on any language other than English. However, I did run across this little note in Acrobat 6 Help.

"To convert scanned pages to searchable text:
1. Open the file you want to capture, and choose Document > Paper Capture > Start Capture ...
3. Under Settings, click the Edit button if you want to change the primary optical character recognition (OCR) language ...
Note: The primary OCR language menu is available only if you perform a custom installation and choose Roman Paper Capture."

If you're already doing this, you might want to let Adobe know their OCR of German leaves a bit to be desired!

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  1. Paper Capture encoding
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