Open Source Security: Still a Myth
Subject:   An extremely flawed article
Date:   2004-09-17 11:58:34
From:   Shane_Brodie
Response to: An extremely flawed article

I get such a kick out of reading the reactionary articles submitted by card-carrying members of either the commerical software industry or the open source community that I can't help but chuckle.

No-one in their right mind thinks of software in the strictly black and white ideals of commercial or open source. Following either path blindly would be foolhardy.

Stating that Microsoft software is insecure, while it "may" be true, it can hardly be held up to open source and compared. After all open source does not have tens of thousands raving "anti open source" troglodytes actively working to discredit it.

Real programmers, IT Managers, and knowledgeable end-users know that they can get the best bang for their dollar/yen/euro/peso/etc. etc. by striking a balance on all of the alternatives.

Why can't we all just get along ...