Adding a Preferences Window to Your Application
Subject:   please refine my cocoa semantics
Date:   2001-09-22 19:02:30
From:   psheldon
Well , I have finished this column . It was a long time until I could try "letting the hammer fall" and compiling . Because of the extreme modularity of the code , I rapidly got through my typos and omissions . That was an experience ! Hey , I have learned wisdom here !

Item 1 :
p.5 wrote - (void)setColumn:(id)sender;
should it not instead read , as it did p.16
- (IBAction)setColumn:(id)sender;
is there a difference ?

Item 2 :
NSTableColumn *column = [tableColumns objectForKey:identifier];
Does this really mean :
(NSTableColumn *) column = [tableColumns objectForKey:identifier];
* is not actually an operator to right on column (acting before assignment) ,
it actually acts to the left on NSTableColumn to make that a pointer to NSTableColumn
(acting again before assignment)
and the assignment is then pass by reference :
column = [tableColumns objectForKey:identifier];

Item 3 :
In addition, is the first entity of any [], that is "a" of [a b], always a pointer ?

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