Lightweight XML Editing in Word 2003
Subject:   older Word versions?
Date:   2004-09-21 00:15:24
From:   BobStayton
Has anyone tried to do this in an environment of mixed versions of Word, such as Word 2003 and Word 97? Let's say you write a tight set of XML elements and matching Word styles. Then you write the XSL stylesheets to translate from WordML to your XML and back. Could you then open your WordML document in Word 2003, save it as a .dot file template, and hand that to someone using Word97? If you write a new document in Word97 using that .dot template, save the new document as a .doc file, and then open the .doc file in Word 2003 and save it as XML, would it cleanly convert to your XML using the same XSLT process you use for documents created in Word 2003?