Building a Simple Search Engine with PHP
Subject:   RE: multiple keywords EDIT
Date:   2004-09-21 11:10:36
From:   cityslicker
Response to: RE: multiple keywords

Hi again,

Just a small edit from the code above.

If a user seached for "good web sites" and a page contained 100's of 'good' but no 'web' and 'sites' then it would rank higher than a page which can have all three. This is not what we want so ammend the above code with this part:

for( $i = 1; $row = mysql_fetch_array($result); $i++ )

$score[$row['title']] += $row['occurrences']; //Array of scores
if($row['occurences'] > 0) { $score[$row['title']] += 1000; } //This makes pages containing all keywords rank highest

You can set the 1000 to whatever you like but you should be safe with that number.

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