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Subject:   Uncaught Exceptions! Help!
Date:   2001-09-25 13:43:52
From:   psheldon
Response to: Uncaught Exceptions! Help!

I started drafting a reply that wasn't much help.
Maybe my writing will get better and more inspirational if I look at it for several days. I don't know .
I had a senior programmer who once said "you whine and complain when your compiler gives you little information in your syntax errors, wait until you have problems like mine" . She then grimaced and said what her problems were , execution errors involving fundamental theory and being so good that she was constantly assigned to debug other people's programs and downgrade languages to make things readable for them .
This wasn't an answer to my ambitions, but if I tried real hard I realized that she was making a joke to make things a bit easier to take .