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Subject:   please refine my cocoa semantics
Date:   2001-09-25 20:00:52
From:   mikebeam
Response to: please refine my cocoa semantics

Item 1:

IBAction is actually the same as void, so they're _somewhat_ interchangeable, although in my case it was a slip up in this monster of a column. IBAction as a data type is actually used so that Interface Builder can parse headers that you create. That is, if you create a class header that contains all of your outlets and actions, you can drop that into you nib file window in IB, and IB will create a new class based on your header with all of the appropriate outlets and actions. It knows which items are outlets and which are actions by the IBAction and IBOutlet "tags"

Item 2:

Yes, the * is part of the data type, not the variable name. It indicates that the variable is a pointer to whatever type of object is indicated.

Item 3:
and yes, as far as i know and in my experience, "a" is always a pointer since that i how we work with objects in Objective-C. If anyone know a case where this is not true, please share it with us!

Hope that helps!


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