The Penny-Pinching PowerBook 1400 Goes Wireless
Subject:   Not juste Penny-Pinching,,,
Date:   2004-09-26 00:40:24
From:   MarcCollin
...but also trouble-pinching.

I just install a Lucent wireless card in my PB 1400 and I worked fine on first try. Thank you for the information. I’m running a OS8.6 with 64m memory and a 10G HD.

I want to share my experience with this computer. I bought it in a computer store to a guy who said he found it in the garbage. It was’nt booting and the guy was asking to the vendor how much it would cost to repair it. The vendor said it wouldnt worth the cost. So I said: I buy it to you if you want... I’m sure I will easily set it back to work (in fact, this could possibily only have been a software problem...) I give him 75$ (CAD). Finally, the hard drive was dead, but the Trouble-Pinching PB still boot perfectly with a OS7.6 CD.

But you dont even need a hard drive to boot a Trouble-Pinching PB1400 and use it for text editing. Just set a ram disk and put a stripped OS7.6 on it with Word 5! Of course, you have to put it only on sleep, but you can backup this ramdisk on a CD, so you can easily restore it if you have to put the machine off.

Infortunately, I dont remember how much ram I had at the moment, probably someting like 48m. (Now I have 64m so I setted a 20m ramdisk, with a not so stripped OS, which allows me for exemple to use appleshare). It was working so well! Very fast, and coming from its sleep almost instantly (also booting in less than 60 sec.) The only problem was the lack of a floppy drive to backup my work, but I found it easily on EBay. I have used it this way for months, whithout any problems.

Finally, I decided to put some money on my trouble-pinching PB: I buy a memory upgrade to bring it to 64m ram, a new HD, a new processor found on ebay (166mhz) and finally a new battery.

The battery (newer tech) never gave me satisfaction, lasting only 45min as it was new... I was deceived and finally, never used it but for minutes. Two years later I discover that if I continued to work after the first alert, it could last up to two hours. I think there was a kind of bug in the power manager (and also, maybe, with my power supply, replaced later with a yoyo one). I would like to desactivate it, if there is a way to do so...

For three months, I owned a IBook that gaves me an incredible amount of trouble, as much with the hardware (CD drive kaputt after 18 months, motherboard had to be replaced after 20 months) than with the software. OSX for my experience was a nightmare and a constant source of frustration, only to make it work correctly and bring back the equivalent functionnality of my PB 1400. In fact OSX, in my opinion, is not a Macintosh OS. You cant even copy it! and how can you keep track of what’s happening in those 100,000 files! And the IBook was never able to run booted in classic, it was crashing every 10 minutes...

Finally I returned the trouble-maker IBook to my brother who had sold it to me and came back to my 1400. What a pleasure! Not so fast, but so pleasant to use. And with a wireless card, it is almost as fast as the IBook on internet...

Would it have been possible to boot this IBook and use it without a HD? LOL! With this monstruous and rigid OSX, you cant do anything if you have any hardware problem, and you have a lot of hardware problems on IBook. Hardware reparation are expensive, very complicated to do, and not worth the price because the replacement parts are the same than the original, so probably wont last more.

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