Unit Test Your Struts Application
Subject:   What about StrutsTestCase for JUnit?
Date:   2004-09-27 04:57:31
From:   pattersonw
I'm currently evaluating unit testing frameworks for my own needs, and had already been investigating StrutsTestCase for JUnit when I stumbled upon this article and solution.
If I am not mistaken, StrutsTestCase has been around for a while, and allows the tester/developer to directly use the Struts artifacts such as mappings, form beans, etc.
Was the author of StrutsUT aware of the existence of StrutsTestCase? If so, why did he/she find it inadequate? If not, how do the two testing frameworks compare in terms of ease of setup, ease of use, ability to generate thorough tests, etc?

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  1. What about StrutsTestCase for JUnit?
    2004-09-28 18:43:33  lujian213 [View]

    • What about StrutsTestCase for JUnit?
      2004-10-02 09:34:08  irkutsk [View]

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