ActionScript for Non-Coders
Subject:   Export Issues.
Date:   2004-09-28 00:50:49
From:   eff-werks
I have been using the Camera and enjoying the vesitility of it. Even with the limitations of the rotation it provides a more believable shake effect. The only issue I am seeing now is that in the exporting of the file to anything other than a .swf, the camera fails to work. It acts like a moving componant and leaves me to have to go back a retween everything. I have yet to find a solution, and wonder if there is a modification in the code that could allow for exporting into the other file formats, like Quicktime, and the like that will allow me to put my work onto my student reel. I've been reading up and refreshing my own scripting skills and I think it's possible to script an "override" that will make the camera the default viewer in an export, but I wanted to ask to be sure. Thanks for a great tool.


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