EJB 2 and J2EE Packaging
Subject:   So what *is* the solution?
Date:   2001-09-26 14:23:24
From:   teunis
Does Weblogic offer an example of an enterprise application containing WAR and JAR files that is appropriately packaged, including manifest files?

Using Weblogic 6.1, we're trying to deploy an EAR file which will contain WAR files, EJBs in JAR files, supporting classes in JAR files, and library classes in JAR files. Currently, we can only get this to work by adding a classpath to the command line argument of startWeblogic.

Your article says we can't do anything about classpath at the EAR or WAR level. You say we can add classpath at the JAR level, but does that mean we can't use WAR files then (unless we want to put a copy of the required classes into every WAR file)?

Michael Galvin