ActionScript for Non-Coders
Subject:   Export Issues.
Date:   2004-09-28 07:43:09
From:   Sham_B
Response to: Export Issues.

hmm. Its good to see that so many people are using the camera, but think I should really add rotation functionality to it! When we first developed it, we (myself and Adam) didnt really consider rotation as something that would be required by most animators... or at least, I dont think I listened to Adam enough when he asked for it!

As to exporting for video, there isnt really any easy way to export the effects of ActionScript, as you have already found out. This IMO is one of the major failings of Flash as a general animation authoring tool - it relies on ActionScript for much of its versatility, but the effects of ActionScript can only really be seen in a running SWF.

The next revision of Flash ('Flash 8') will pay special attention to the issues and concerns of designers... see for the lowdown.

I would strongly recommend all animators/designers out there to make concerns like 'Cant easily export the effects of AS into Flash content destined for video and broadcast quality animations' (and why it is so important to animators) known to the Macromedia Flash dev team. You can do this through the form at