Unit Test Your Struts Application
Subject:   What about StrutsTestCase for JUnit?
Date:   2004-09-28 18:43:33
From:   lujian213
Response to: What about StrutsTestCase for JUnit?

The emphasis of this article is to introduce the initial idea of Cactus from a developer's point of view. And extend the idea in Struts env. StrutsUT is not a mature product, it is only a reference implementation of the author's idea. Readers can reference StrutsUT to do their own implementation.

I looked through StrutsTestCase user guide. I am not very clear in some points. When the action class uses external interface, StrutsUT can handle it with mock object. I don't know how StrutsTestCase handles it. This point is an important aspect of StrutsUT. If you have time, would you please give out a test case using StrutsTestCase according to the example in my article? Thanks.

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  1. What about StrutsTestCase for JUnit?
    2004-10-02 09:34:08  irkutsk [View]

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