ColdFusion MX on Mac OS X, Part 4
Subject:   Dreamweaver integration with Coldfusion with Tomcat
Date:   2004-09-29 02:19:26
From:   jane_
I have an almost working setup of
Dreamweaver MX
Coldfusion MX (coldfusion_61_other.jar)
Apache (installed)
Tomcat (5.0.28 from
mySQL - CompleteMySQL-4.0.15.dmg from
and Drivers/ConnectorJ.pkg (3.0.6)

I followed the instructions here -

I did comment out the tools.jar file, despire being unsure what version of JRE I have.

I've connected Dreamweaver up with a site defined like so:
Local root folder: Macintosh HD:Users:jane:SitesLocal:1000Monkeys:
Remote info: Access: local/Network
remote folder: Macintosh HD:usr:local:jakarta-tomcat-5.0.28:webapps:cfusion:1000Monkeys:
Testing server: Model: Coldfusion
Access: local/Network
remote folder: Macintosh HD:usr:local:jakarta-tomcat-5.0.28:webapps:cfusion:1000Monkeys:
URL prefix:

It's al *almost* working. I can embed CF tags in my Dreamweaver .cfm files, press F12 and hey presto, the data from my mySQL database is populating my forms.

But when I try to use the Application bar to embed coldfusion dynamic objects, I get an panel popping up with 5 tasks I need to do first, the first three ticked and the last two not. It's saying that I have to set up an RDS login and configure a data source.

When I click on RDS login, it says that the URL for the testing server is not correct or ColdFusion is not running - which I know to be untrue, as my directly edited pages work.

I've hunted around, and this is a very common problem. None of the solutions that anyone has found applies to me.

I do have the RDS servlet enabled in my web.xml file, like so.

<servlet-mapping id="macromedia_mapping_5">

BUT - I don't think RDS is installed on my machine, because the ide.cfm file mentioned above is not there.

BUT - I don't understand why I need it, since my site is set up to be local.

I cannot access any RDS configuration from the coldfusion admin directly. I think this is again because RDS is not installed. To set or clear an RDS password, I have to type in a URL like so


BUT - I don't think this is achieving anything as RDS is not there.

I suspect that Dreamweaver needs RDS to use the Application toolbar, even though my site is local/network. Is this true?

Also, I don't know why I don't have RDS - I copied over the rds.jar file and renamed it to CFIDE.jar so that Tomcat could install it, just as the instructions say.

Finally, I read this which says

The Macromedia Dreamweaver MX ColdFusion Component Browser will not function if you install ColdFusion MX for J2EE on your application server with a context root other than "/". The component browser only works if ColdFusion MX for J2EE is deployed at "/".

I'm not clear what my context root is, but I followed Macromedia's instructions.

Please can anyone help?