Mixing Java and Titanium: Part Three
Subject:   OS 10.1 and WebObjects
Date:   2001-09-28 04:46:29
From:   tripodsblitz

Steve Jobs stated that there are three commandments for 10.1: "speed, speed, speed", so it is quite likely that the Swing performance has improved as well.
I saw his key-note at the WWDC and I was impressed by the speed of 10.0 anyway.

If we're talking about Java I just wannted to point out that with OS X there comes a free license of WebObjects, a supreme Application Server that let you not only develop Desktop Apps with the tool "Project Builder", but also develop professional (!) Web Apps with HTML or Swing Gui.
And best of all, it has a persistence framework that handles all the nasty database operations and caching for you. Get your hands on it, it's pretty cool.

Beside that, I read that the J2EE server ORION (the one that Oracle licensed as their so called "OC4J" server) is running pretty well under Mac OS X.