The Disaster-Free Upgrade to Mac OS 10.1
Subject:   Disaster-Free upgrade to OS 10.1
Date:   2001-09-29 01:45:55
From:   maximus
Hi there,

just wanted to add that the upgrade has been extremely successful even with a 'bubble' machine: PowerBook G3 Wallstreet, no USB, no FireWire. Originally a 266 MHz upgraded to 466MHz with Newer Technology, 192 MB memory.

Not even a single glitch! Apple really did a great job. Moreover, if you are into Unix you are going to love even more your Mac. I have installed XFree86 with XDarwin rootless and to me it is now like having a Unix portable workstation! With the GNU compiler 2.95.2 I installed Unix applications without any effort.
A truly traditional Apple drooling experience.

Thanks Apple,

forever yours!

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  1. randy munden
    2003-08-31 13:24:39  anonymous2 [View]

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