Ten Things I Dig About Xcode
Subject:   welcome to the world of free software
Date:   2004-09-29 21:20:13
where a 'review' is basically someone hyping a bunch of bullcaca and lying out of their ass. of course, if you ever point this out they will call you a satanic gates worshipping nazi who loves windows. no, you just hate crap software, and thats what most 'free software' (unix) is.

there are a few patterns you can notice about any review of ' free software'. the 'good' items are basically "this feature is a good idea and they have a good start on it" or "this feature is great, and as this is only an alpha version im sure it will be fixed". the 'bad' items are all things like horrible user interface, crashing, etc. the problem here is that unix people, and free software people in general, do not care. they dont care what you think of the UI. their attitude is to tell you to go use windows. now if you say it crashes, they will call you a moron and say you were using it wrong and say 'shrug' it never crashes for them, must be your configuration.

if you point out that other products have good features and dont crash, then they will tell you 'then go use those products, nobody is forcingg you to use this free software'.

if you try to point out that claiming 'this product has feature x' actually implies that the product has feature x, then the linux zealots (im sorry, unix, free software, they are all the same basically) will start screaming at you. you can call it a 'lie'. everyone in the civilized world knows its a lie to promise somethign and not deliver. except in the IT world we know that 'lie' has taken on a special meaning, as has 'promise'. but in unix/free-software 'lie' and 'promise' are useless abstractions. to mention these words is like speaking in cherokee about health care to an audience of chinese cabinet makers at a woodworking convention. the concept of 'lie' and 'promise' are as alien to the world of unix software development as a razor is to richard stallmans face.

thats all well and good. its a free country. you can make horrible products and scream at people for pointing out their flaws, and its a free country.

but apple is a company. they supposedly want people to use their product and they supposedly care about peoples feelings, or at the very least they care about their credibility amongst professsionals who are trying to use their tools.

it is as though merely by using unix, they have allowed themselves to become polluted by the unix ideology of software development: hate users, make half-assed horrible GUIs that crash all the time, and ignore the consequences: the cconsequences being that everyone says 'screw it' and goes and uses Windows instead.

maybe the apple shareholders should read this page, because i am sure the ravneous gnu hippies that have infested Apple are sure as not going to do anything about these problems. they ARE the problem.