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Book:   Jakarta Struts Pocket Reference
Subject:   The best book on struts....
Date:   2004-10-03 09:24:32
From:   Paul
Rating:  StarStarStarStarStar

This is one of those books that just gets worn out. I'm always reaching for it, looking for that esoteric command or tag that I know exists, and I know what it does - but can't be sure of the syntax or exact name. This book is indespensable. It starts with a brief introduction to Struts in the front of the book, and then divides the rest of the book around the separate tag libraries, those being BEAN, HTML, LOGIC, NESTED, and TILES.

My only suggestion to improve this book would be to release an updated version, perhaps with the JSTL tags included as well, and the duplicate tags inside the Struts tag library removed.

Overall though, an awesome book.