Handling Events in JavaServer Faces, Part 2
Subject:   Too complicated for such a simple task?
Date:   2004-10-04 08:09:25
From:   WorcsNet_Team
JavaFaces seems to be a really sloppy solution to web development problems. This example clearly illustrates that - so much coding for such a simple task? The idea of refreshing the page every time something needs to be processed on the server alone just means that such an application will never have a decent and functional GUI – which means diminished business value.
Look at a great alternative solution - IAB Studio at It allows to create J2EE applications using in-browser designers instead of using tons of XML-like JSP pages, which are extremely hard to develop, maintain. In IAB Studio a developer creates rich Internet applications with desktop-like features and performance. And it only takes several days.
Look at - a demo application, which was created in IAB Studio in just 5 days! See what features a web application created in IAB Studio has. Chances are, an average Struts or JSF developer will be much surprised -)

WorcsNet Team

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