Adding a Preferences Window to Your Application
Subject:   integrated class browser
Date:   2001-10-04 09:22:01
From:   psheldon
In item [11] indicates an integrated class browser and I wonder whether this will be over and beyond help with its links and what beyond would mean . I've seen a class browser in Apple's object oriented pascal and, as I vaguely recall, it looked like what we see in interface builder . What one would mean in project builder , I don't know .
I could imagine over and beyond , eg. popups at class names that launch help pages or ways of taking notes in code to make these popups to help pages, perhaps your own help pages, normal pasting from help pages without using internet explorer rather than the help ap.

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  1. integrated class browser observed
    2001-10-04 22:27:27  psheldon [View]

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