Adding a Preferences Window to Your Application
Subject:   integrated class browser observed
Date:   2001-10-04 22:27:27
From:   psheldon
Response to: integrated class browser

My developer cd finally came in and , when I read the pdf file , I learned that the integrated class browser was something new for 10.1, no remention of that in interface builder . A classes tab discloses a hierarchy of classes in your program. It looks like a bunch of headlines with disclosure triangles. Click on any headline and you get to the top line of that class description in header files. Apple has commented those top lines! There was other hypertext stuff . It looked like the help viewer without the search window was right in the project builder with a popup button showing you where you have been in both text and html , ie. bookmarks . Also, there was code warrior type of popup bookmarks to the tops of your procedures and methods in your current file.